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In Cold Childhood Childhood is the most important part of life; it creates the mold that humans fit into for the rest of their lives. Human beings, whether or not they realize, act and think based on their childhoods and the way they had been raised. In the novel In Cold Blood, Perry Smith had a tragic childhood; he had neither the feeling of family nor people around to help him. Later in life, Perry met Dick Hickock, who was somebody he often viewed as a friend and somebody to be around, even though Dick often manipulated Perry. Eventually, Perry killed four people in order to stay close with Dick, considering that he had nobody else.
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Dick never abandoned Perry, which allowed Perry appreciate Dick’s company, even though Dick used him for his own benefit. Perry’s relationship with Dick reflects how he feels about the disaster in his family during his childhood. His parents splitting up showed how unstable of a relationship they had, while his relationship with Dick remained stable. He did whatever he could to stay close with Dick, considering that his family was never close when he was younger.
Additionally, after Perry’s mother found out that he was making an effort to see his father, she threw him out and sent him to a Catholic orphanage for defying her orders. He often faced physical and mental abuse. As he mentioned about the dreaded place in the novel, “‘...The one where the Black Widows were always at me. Hitting me. Because of wetting the bed. Which is one reason I have an aversion to nuns…’” (Capote 132) Additionally, nobody at the orphanage stuck up for him as he was mistreated; nobody liked him or had his back. Dick, on the other hand, started to truly become fond of Perry; as it is mentioned in the novel, “... but Dick became convinced that Perry was that rarity, ‘a natural killer’ --absolutely sane, but conscienceless, and capable of dealing, with or without motive, the coldest-blooded deathblows. It was Dick’s theory that such a gift could, under his

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