In First World Countries, It Is Easy To Say That There

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In first world countries, it is easy to say that there is a substantial abundance of food. This includes all types of foods. From fast foods like Wendy’s or McDonald 's, to organic foods such as Juice Press and Panera Bread. Even with a great supply and availability of food, there is still one problem in the world. That one problem is the diet. Not the expense diet programs, special foods, dietary supplements, or drugs that are used to diet, but what everybody consumes daily. People are choosing to take up a diet that is unhealthy throughout their lives, as a result-- gain health related issues. A person 's diet is what they eat on a regular basis. Based on trends and studies, many people tend to neglect what they consume. Many studies…show more content…
According to Alice Park, who has been a staff writer at TIME for 24 years, says “Simply adding more olive oil and nuts to your diet may help prevent memory problems and loss of cognitive skills,” giving the brain more energy to function at a greater level. Alice Park studied 447 men and women ages 50-80 years that showed that “rich vegetables and beneficial fats” can “ free radicals produced by stress” which also cause fatigue and depression. The food “is rich in antioxidants” Alice Park says, which is a counter to the symptoms of depression and fatigue. Depression is a common factor when analyzing the diets of those who have a weaker diet of food groups.Sumathi Reddy, reporter for The Wall Street Journal, reports on a study of 67 people who are being treated for major depressive disorder. Robert Shulman, the associate chairman of psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago says that, “this sense of fatigue and inability to get up and go, and any mental effort they feel is overwhelming and exhaustive” ( Reddy). Within the research done, Sarah Keeble, 44, cut out “soft drinks, alcohol, chocolate, and processed foods.” She replaced her diet with more “fish, legumes, seeds, and olive oil.” Sarah Keeble said, as stated by Reddy, “After a couple of weeks I just felt a lot calmer, a lot more centered, and more motivated to actually do
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