In House Of Sand And Fog By Andre Dubus Iii, Amir Behrani

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In House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III, Amir Behrani struggles with self identity after moving from Iran to America for asylum. In addition to fleeing Iran due to the political climate and his family’s involvement with the Shah, Behrani is presented to the reader as the quintessential immigrant and refugee. He and his family move to San Francisco, California in order to start a new life. With very little money compared to what they were accustomed to, Behrani and his family reside in a relatively wealthy area. From Behrani’s viewpoint, he is reduced to a highway worker, as he is no longer involved with the prestigious powers within government. Interested in making a profit off of American real estate, Behrani purchases a bungalow …show more content…

This is a very poignant thing for a man like Behrani to wish for due to the status he once had and the status that he perceives he possesses within America. Throughout the novel, the reader encounters Behrani’s reminiscent nature, regarding his old life of luxury and status, continuously. Although Behrani would like to portray that he can appear as a man that would live a life for the living of it, he is very far from it. Amir belittles the blue-collar work he has begun to slow his family spending and keep his family happy. These jobs include working in a “tomato cannery, an auto wash, a furniture warehouse, a parking lot, two gasoline stations … highway department and this convenience store” (Dubus 48). Behrani looked down on these blue-collar positions and did not feel proud of the jobs he had taken. He believed that there was no dignity attached to these jobs, as they were jobs for people that were lesser (or younger) than him. He even professes that God would help him return to the dignity that he once had, dignity that he believed he would never gain back. In addition to this belittlement, he also continuously apologizes to his family for their living conditions, even though they are by far above standard. He is consistently self conscious regarding his appearance and what others view of his family and his home. He assumes

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