In The 1950'S, Segregation And Discrimination Were Extremely

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In the 1950 's, segregation and discrimination were extremely prevalent. King and his supporters faced harsh treatment and unfair laws such as the Jim Crows Laws that stated, “Black were forbidden to use the same drinking fountain as the whites, as well as restaurants, theaters, or public facilities, and blacks had to sit in the rear of the buses”(Myers 112). In 1955, two cases of this unfair treatment were conducted, first a 15- year old girl refusing to give up her seat to a white man and second a 42-year old woman named Rosa Parks who was being forced to giving up her seat for a white man. Both of these cases lead these women to jail sentencing, even though it was their right to sit in the colored section of the bus (“Martin Luther …show more content…

Malcolm joined the Nation of Islam because he liked the tactic of using violence to get what they needed. Malcolm’s famous quote “By any means necessary” shows he would do anything to become equal to the whites, including using violent pretences ( Editors). Malcolm and the leader, Elijah, encouraged the membership of all black people, including the lowest economic group and those with the lowest community standing (Myers 72). Also, they accepted those who were actively sinning and tried to reform them (Myers 72). In addition, the Nation of Islam emphasized the right to self- defense, they did not believe in being aggressive towards anyone but insisted that no one could attack a black man, women or chill without suffering the same kind of hostility (Myers 73). After a span of time, Malcolm discovered his trusted partner betrayed him leading Malcolm to resign from the Nation of Islam in 1964 ( Editors). Malcolm traveled to Mecca to recleanes his mind and soul, once he returned to the United States he no longer wanted violence, he was a peaceful man ( Editors). "Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression," he stated. "Because power, real power, comes from our conviction which produces action, uncompromising action." ( Editors). He let the power take over his mind which blinded him of the overall goal, he wanted freedom for the blacks not tyranny or oppression, he wanted

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