In “The Masque Of The Red Death,” Edgar Allen Poe Describes

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In “The Masque of the Red Death,” Edgar Allen Poe describes how people fear death even though it is inevitable. Fear is a strong emotion where he taps into those feelings through his powerful creation of suspense. This short story took place in Medieval times. The author describes how Prince Prospero encounters death and thinks he can win the fight. His thoughts were concerned with death and show how metaphorically it’s inescapable, but people continues to behave as if they are immortal. Poe’s short story “The Masque of the Red Death” reveals fear and terror and demonstrates how time never stops, and no one can escape death. Poe is known for his poetries, and short stories; his tales of horror and mystery fascinated people to want to read …show more content…

He describes it in detail using long, confusing words where sentences become into paragraphs. Next, in every story there is always a main subject discussed in a piece of writing, otherwise known as theme. The story is about death unable to be avoided. The guests and Prospero itself tries to escape or hide from the plague by having a ball and trying to focus on living life at the fullest. According to Poe, “all art works inevitably reflect life, one cannot escape, even within the artwork, the inevitable implication of process and thus mortality” ( It proves that no one understand how it is impossible to avoid mortality just like it is impossible to stay alive forever. Every individual will one day face the end of their journey but trying to hide from it, will never be an option. In his story, many vivid details symbolize what he means. For instance, the seven floors represent the stages of life, going from east to west meaning from birth to death. The seventh floor which is the black room where the revelers do not enter since it is scary and terrifies them. The clock symbolizes death’s final judgment reminding of their lives is ticking away. Prince Prospero indicates prosperity and wealth. Lastly, the Red Death means death itself that it is coming after you. Poe’s story gives people a fright since he knows what it is to go through a difficult time. He lost three women in his life because of a bacterial disease

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