In The Short Essay, “Is Forgiving Student Loan Debt A Good

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In the short essay, “Is Forgiving Student Loan Debt a Good Idea?” by Kaya Webley, she illustrates through validations that student debt is a problem, but Applebaum’s proposal brings about political and economic problems. One of her validations is that most people can afford their student loans. She also states that only a small handful of graduates leave school with an unbearable student debt. Webley touches upon programs that are already in place to help pay off college debt. Another one of her validations is that the bank does not care if the student can not pay the student loan, the banks will get the money one way or another. In addition, because of the banks colleges have no motivation to lower tuition. Lastly, she writes about …show more content…

Because of this essay I feel more enlightened about college debt. In addition, I want to sign as many positions I can to lower and forgive college debt. Most of Webley’s validations encourage me to find a solution to college debt. For instance, she said that the real question is how do we lower college tuition. One day I hope everyone can get an education, who wants it and who will work for it, and not have to worry about the money. Instead they could put more time and effort into broadening their minds. ADD should be longest part!!!!! The appeal to the character of the writer is known as ethos. Writers need to be informed, intelligent, honest, and respectful. Ethos is present in this essay through the writing technique of Kayla Webley. I would assume she is a credible source because she is published in Time magazine. Also she did her undergraduate work at University of Washington studying political science and journalism. Her graduate work was done at Northern University in new media. Webley is informed because she gives solid evidence that support her validations and main argument. I would consider her to be intelligent because she has detailed reasoning and uses successful tactics to persuade her readers. Honesty can be seen through Webley’s realistic point of view. She does not try to beat around the bush she gets straight to the problem in Applebaum’s proposal. Finally, she challenges peoples in a respectful way,

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