In The Years, Gender Stereotype Is A Very Famous Topic

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In the years, gender stereotype is a very famous topic on a lot of T.V comedy shows, and people may not recognize the stereotypes of men and women still existed. There was a T.V show released in 2011, and we can see a lot of modern day changes compare to the shows before 90 's. For example, girls have a lot more power over themselves but they still have to accommodate to men. In 2 Broke Girls, there was 2 girls which is Caroline, a rich kid, and Max, a poor kid, meet in restaurant while they work. In this show, we can always see them always helping each other, and they both are still strong being as women. Max has always being the one that control the restaurant and even her boss who is a women has to listen to her. Although Max has the …show more content…

In this quote, we can see after the 90s, woman start to get more power on T.V Shows, so it is no longer male-dominating on that field anymore. On the other hand, Max and Caroline, they still willing to obey their boyfriend, and treat them as the dominant role. In many times of the story, Max 's boyfriend Randy want to broke up with her, but she will do whatever she can to hold him back. For example, in the story, she is willing to take a road trip from New York to Los Angeles, yet Max still accept her boyfriend as the dominant role. Even with a lot of challenges, she still try to come over to get connect with Randy. In this sense, we can see that Max had a lot respects for Randy, and she willing to become a maid of Randy. Although in the story, woman had more freedom and stronger than before, but the gender stereotype haven 't been remove yet. They still have a sitcom which a strong woman still have to become weak in front their love one. Max is the type of person who not to be afraid of anything, she is strong. However, she choose to be the traditional woman role as her love one being happier than herself. So, she doesn’t want anyone to hurt in their relationship. Max have a boyfriend that his parents are not like Caroline because her father had make them lost a lot of money. Moreover, this caused Max 's relationship on a downhill. Max 's boyfriend rather

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