In Vietnamese Culture, What Should Be Considered as Rites of Passage of a Mature Person?

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"Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others overweighing your concern for yourself " - John Mac Naughton once said. It is particularly true in Vietnam where men who can not be regarded as a mature person until he gets his first baby, even though they might have already got a well-paid job and married a good woman. In my opinion, having the first child is the most important event marking the maturity of a people in both financial and spiritual terms. In this essay, I would like to present three explanations to clarify my point of view. People should first recognize that the typical characteristic of maturity is good financial management. Admittedly, financial pressure encountered by the people who first…show more content…
Vietnam, where the subjects witness low divorcing rate due to the strong sense of individual responsibility, could be taken as an salient example of this. Ignoring the contribution of the baby in growing up a mature person is thereby a grave mistake. What is also worth noticing is that spiritual maturity is greatly fostered through educating children. It is undeniable that the prerequisite for adults to encourage children moral awareness development is being the paragon of virtue. As a result, they always self-consciously conduct themself in parental position, which means the childish spontaneity in their speech and action yields to mature deliberation. In addition, having a kid, people profoundly penetrate the moral lessons in the university. These lessons, which took them a long time to learn by rote, now become a useful tool for them to teach etiquette to their child. In this case, parents put themselves at the place of teacher to thoroughly understand moral philosophy and deliver it in the simplest word which is suitable for an innocent thought. Consequently, practice ethical thought everyday will lead parents to higher level of maturity. All reliable evidences point out to one saying, that is having the first child should be constituted as a Vietnamese rite of passage of a mature person. In spite of having a strong desire for a child, a minority of married couples is unluckily

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