In What Ways Did Sport Reflect Amercian Society in the 19th Century

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In what ways did sport reflect American society?
This essay will concentrate on looking at the ethnic and class divide within the sports subculture of American society, and how it reflects American Society as a whole. When examining any society there is a always a broad area to cover, while looking at America’s society I will be looking at the arguments that it is the ‘land of the free’ a ‘new nation’ which immigrants flocked to start a new life in a country of much ‘opportunity’. I will be using the sport in the 19th century to examine just how much America was a land of opportunity and of the free, and whether it differed from the attitudes in countries from around the rest of the world.
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The institution of slavery, in fact, compelled the vast majority of African Americans to “steal” time for leisure and recreation, just as they stole a certain kind of knowledge when they learned to read and write. The civil war however painful it was, had a good side to it as well, this being that it helped to bring a stop to slavery. This meant freedom, citizenship, and constitutional protections from the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments, however this did not mean too much to America’s black population. The good that came from the end of slavery was overshadowed by institutionalised racial segregation and repression that treated African American’s as second-class citizens. Many African Americans turned to sport and leisure to help cope with the racial discrimination, however this was not as easy as one may think it to be. Sport was used as a point of interest that brought many blacks together, Baseball was one of the most unifying of sports for African Americans with many early Black baseball teams, one of the earliest being the Pythian Baseball Club of Philadelphia, they consisted of four teams with players coming from the higher ranks of Black society. The Pythian's played other black teams from around Philadelphia, including one of the most famous, the Excelsiors (the oldest black team in the city). The Pythian’s played for the unofficial “Colored Championship of the United States” in 1871, they carried a race’s pride when they played all be it separating

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