Inaugural Speech In Hamlet

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In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, we are introduced to this character in Act 1, Scene 2, who seems eloquent and confident. Since this is Claudius’ first appearance, we can assume it to be his inaugural speech as it is his first address to the people since the death of King Hamlet. As such, this oration is key to establishing his legitimacy to the throne via hitting all the right notes in his statement to the current issue at hand. The interest in exploring Claudius, who now sits on the throne, is ignited by the fact that his dramatic opening speech has a feel of being carefully structured and well-rehearsed. Also, with the structure of the speech, comes the idea that he decides to address the death of King Hamlet, his brother at the same time with his marriage to the widow, who was the deceased King’s wife which seems unconventional as they are two events or situations that stand in opposite ends of a spectrum, one dealing with sadness and pain whereas the other deals with happiness and rejoicing. With this speech, he tries to create a façade that nothing is out of the ordinary. The analysis of this speech highlights the disparity that can exist between appearances and reality, something which becomes important to the plot. Also, it explores the contrast that exists in the ideas or the content of Claudius’ speech and how it affects both the courtiers and the audience. This analysis has led to my thesis of how Claudius’ speech contributed to the first impression that he made
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