Increase in Elderly Population Report

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In 2010, nearly 524 million people in developing countries were 65 and older. Experts are now saying that by 2050, that total is projected to significantly increase to 1.5 billion. For the first time in our history, there will be more people ages 65 and older than there are children five and under. This phenomenon is due to the “baby boomer generation” now growing older and an increase in longevity. This increase in the elderly population can be seen around the world and will have a significant impact on medical institutions, society, and the economy. As we grow older, our immune system begins to deteriorate in one of two ways. It can become negligent, allowing abnormal cells such as cancer cells to multiply/grow unchecked. Or it may become overzealous; attacking our normal tissues much like an autoimmune disease. This deterioration is what causes the elderly to become more pronged to becoming ill and often times will make prevention of these illnesses more difficult as well. However, with new advances in medicine it is getting much easier to prevent/treat illnesses that occur while aging. New medical advances include but are not limited to stroke prevention medication and life support. The elderly outnumbering children has become the newest predicament in the medical, social, and economic world. For the longest time there has been four adults for every elderly person. Now, there are only two adults for every elderly person and this is troubling to the medical world.
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