Essay on Increasing the Number of Organ Donors

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Every time we hear the two words 'organ donation', we immediately let it slip our mind- as we simply don’t think it’s important enough. As this comes into play for many topics, we never truly recognise what others are put through on a daily basis. With 1,700 individuals on the Australian waiting list, we believe this number is very minor and can be benefitted easily. Truth is, while the numbers rise, many will have an unfortunate death having to wait up to 4 years or more at a time waiting for suitable organ transplantation. The current ‘Opt-In’ Organ Donation system in Australia is simply not providing enough donors. We feel unpleasant emotion related to the threat of danger and pain deriving from these words ‘organ donation’, as, to put …show more content…

The bigger picture here is that the majority of people do not have strong views either way. Most will accept whatever default and go along with it without thinking. The "opt-in" or "opt-out" has a barrier of critical thinking that most choose not to overcome.
Changing the default will dramatically increase donation rates and save many people's lives who would otherwise die because the majority is too lazy to make their choice known.
I don't think this is a matter of taking away someone's right to opt out. It's simply applying the undecided middle to the "donate" column instead of wasting those organs.

Due to a combination of fear and minimal education on the system, many individuals dread being on the organ donation list. The long-term benefits are simply not considered, thus allowing selfishness to hold back a lot of individuals, but with the proper education an understanding will be met.

Yes, we do donate $1 here or there for breast cancer and whatnot, but believe it or not, you can do much more when you've passed on.
As we progressively allow individuals to be educated on organ donation, it won’t be seen as such a shock- this allows for the recognising that organ donation is a normal procedure to do after death. As proven by countries with an ‘Opt-Out’ system (such as Belgium, Portugal and Austria and many more), the list of successful suitable organ

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