Independence And Independence : The Importance Of Independence

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Merriam-Webster dictionary defined Independence as “Not requiring and relying on something else”. Independence is important in today’s world because being able to live on your own and take care of yourself is an immense part of growing up and being an adult.
I grew up as an independent child and I have always wanted to do things for myself and learning how to survive on my own. My parents would take care of the substandtial things and make sure I had everything I needed, however, they would allow me to do the things I wanted to take care of for myself. While other parents would pick out their child’s clothes and pieced together each item, I would refuse to do this. I wanted to pick out my own clothes. As I had gotten older, the more …show more content…

Let’s say, you got the job, and you have been there around a month, and you finally received your first paycheck! First, you are enthusiastic, thinking “oh, I can finally buy that useless thing I have wanted for the past few months!”. However, being independent means you have bills and responsibilities. My advice is to ration your money to where you have enough money to pay for all of your expenses and needs and whatever money is left over, you split between your wants and a savings account. A savings account is important because if you have an emergency- like popping a tire and needing to replace it- you will have the money to do so and will be able to fix the problem quickly, without panicking. At first, it will feel like such a drag. You are putting away money that you want to use to buy the new shoes you like, for a future event that may or may not happen? But think about this- what if your car broke down? What would you do to get to work? Or what if you lost your job in the future? You could use that money to fall back on while you are looking for another one. (Having a savings account for me is easier because I don’t have many expenses as a teenager. I split my money in half, putting half in savings and half in my debit card.)
For now, let’s say you still have your job. While budgeting your money, your needs are split into categories- food, shelter, clothes, bills. When grocery shopping, buy things that are cheaper and

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