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The civil liberties of Americans have unreasonably been suspended during times that are said to be dangerous. This is often seen today, as the war on terror has been a continuous effort since 2001. But this issue has existed for centuries; Confederate sympathizers were jailed during the Civil War for their beliefs. However, this lack of due process initiated by President Lincoln was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Over 70 years later, the Japanese experienced a similarity when they were put in internment camps during World War II for their ethnicity. So in 1988, those who were forced to relocate from their homes were issued an apology and $20,000. And now most recently, the Middle­Eastern are victimized for their appearance …show more content…

Azam’s father had applied for a permanent resident status in 2001 but this was not approved until 2007. Officials had claimed that at this point, Azam was “too old to benefit from his father’s new status, and they pressed forward in their efforts to deport to him” (Dolnick 24). However, an immigration judge argued that Azam “should not be penalized for the government’s delay in processing his father’s application” (24). These blatant attempts to marginalize Muslims are unable to be retaliated against because of the government’s higher power. Today, Muslims are held without trial and are tortured in Guantanamo Bay. In the Encyclopedia of Journalism, Mark Feldstein credits Michael Isikoff for exposing “Americans interrogating suspected Muslim terrorists” (Feldstein 801). Isikoff wrote about how a Qur’an was “flushed... down a toilet ‘in an attempt to rattle the suspects’” (801). The Pentagon had initially denied this claim, but later “acknowledged that the Koran [sic] had indeed been desecrated” at Guantanamo Bay (801). The formula is in place; the government disrespects the minority, denies the wrongdoing, then acknowledges and apologizes for the wrongdoing. In this case, the government

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