Inequality : Global And Social Inequality

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Inequality has been shown throughout American history and has affected various countries including the United States. The two forms of inequality this paper will address are global and social inequality. Social inequality refers to the distribution of resources based on socially defined characteristics, while global inequality is the systematic differences in wealth and power between countries. Children living in poverty don’t have the same opportunities as those who live in a higher income county. Discrimination, segregation, and unequal distribution of income and resources have caused inequalities to form. These two types of inequality are still affecting our society today and making it difficult for people to strive for a better future.
Inequality is different within different countries. High income countries are usually the ones that were industrialized first. Industrializing is a process that began two hundred years ago in England and later spread to the United States, Canada, and the rest of Europe. (World Bank, 2007). High income countries have a large and growing amount of poor people, but unlike the lower income countries they offer decent housing, adequate food, drinkable water, and other comforts. Some of the middle income countries include: East and Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa, parts of the Americas, and most of the oil-rich countries. These countries began to industrialize in the twentieth century which have caused them to not be as developed…
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