Inequality In America

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Economic Inequality in America: The Growing Gap
The United States has been one of the richest countries in the world since the Industrial Revolution, and has continually grown in power since. Not only has the size of our economy, but our ability to trade and conduct commerce made us a premier country in the world. However, this does not exclude the United States from having flaws as well. Throughout history, income inequality has been prominent within the United States, dividing people socially and ethnically. The income inequality gap in the United States has steadily been increasing, creating a larger economic divide between classes, and causing a ripple effect on aspects such as education, home ownership, and household income.
History of Inequality Before 2000
To be able to understand trends the US had in income equality since 2000, one has to trace back the origin of the wealth distribution in the United States, and how changes shifted the distribution of wealth throughout the country. Income is considered to be money that one makes from their job, assets, or capital. During the early 20th century, income inequality was a crisis prior to the Great Depression, with 1% of families owning 23.9% of the wealth, while the bottom 90% owned 50.7%. This changed over time as the wealth was redistributed throughout the depression, with the top 1% after less than a decade receiving 11.3% of the total wealth, while the poor acquired 67.5%, increasing their total owned income by

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