Of Mice And Men American Dream Essay

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The Inevitable failure of the American Dream There is a twenty-five percent unemployment rate. People are desperate for lodging and food. Families are stretching every penny to support themselves. Government is trying to solve these problems through reforms and programs. This is what the world in the 1930s was like for Lennie and George, two migrant workers traveling across California, earnestly trying to achieve the American Dream. Even though these dreams seem impossible to accomplish, during the Great Depression a dream was a reason to get out of bed.
A white picket fence, a family with kids, a dog, a pristine house, a bountiful garden, to live off of the land: This is what most Americans in the 1930s hoped for. Sadly it was a dream rarely fulfilled. In Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice & Men each character has a dream that is important in influencing their actions and opinions.
Owning a farm where you can “live offa the fatta the lan’” is George and Lennie’s dream (57). Where they can have crops,“a little house. . . a room to ourself[themselves]”,and of course animals especially rabbits (58). The farm for George will be a place he can be independent while still taking care of Lennie,where he can be his own boss in a place of security and comfort. The farm for Lennie would be a sanctuary from a world that does not understand him. There would be a responsibility for him to tend the rabbits, the attribute of the farm that excites him most, while still being with

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