Infanticide Is Ever Permissible Or Not?

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This paper discusses whether infanticide is ever permissible or not. Infanticide is the killing of an infant or the practice of killing newborn infants. It is a difficult subject to discuss since infanticide seems morally repugnant at first glimpse, though it becomes increasingly complicated as we reflect on particular nuances in real world cases.
I argue that infanticide is impermissible under any circumstance since there is no difference between killing a newborn infant and a fully grown adult. They both possess a human essence that makes the development of certain abilities possible and allows him to retain his personal identity throughout his life. It is the underlying essence of a person and not his functional abilities or …show more content…

I do not agree that infanticide is permissible under any circumstance. I will support my stance by arguing against Peter Singer’s argument that supports Infanticide of disabled infants. In “Taking Life: Humans,” Singer states that if we can morally kill a disabled fetus that has no self-consciousness, it follows that we can morally kill a disabled infant that has no self-consciousness. Take note that he does not think it is right to kill a disabled infant or a perfectly healthy infant against the parent’s wishes. However, he does argue that it is not wrong to kill a disabled infant if it serves the preferences of the parents. He supports this statement by arguing that no newborn human being should be considered to be a person until at least after thirty days of its birth since newborn babies aren’t self aware or self conscious or capable of grasping the fact that they exist. He declares that rationality and self-consciousness are what define the moral significance of a person. Presumably, according to Singer, a person’s right to live depends upon how intelligent that person is (Singer).
I do not agree that one’s right to live depends on how intelligent you are or that rationality and self-consciousness defines how morally significant a person is. One may say that critical thinking distinguishes us as human persons. However, if Singer is correct in saying that rationality and self-consciousness define how morally significant a person is, then that

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