Influences Of American Culture

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Influences of American society and Culture
Two months ago, I read an article in the social media about ‘The culture of Today’s America’. The post defined culture as different norms, activities and behavior that that defines people’s life in any society. All along, I have also known society to be a group of people that have a common culture. In my opinion, the first factor that makes up a society is culture. Without culture, a society ceases to exist. Since time immemorial, when our country was formed, our culture has developed and shaped up the society due to a number of influencers. Religion influences how people serve each other in the society and lays down value systems to be followed. Music also redefines our cultural norms and promotes social awareness. Technology, on the other hand, influences American’s culture through its impact on industrialization and agriculture. Therefore, in this paper, I will discuss how religion, music and technology influences the culture of American society.
Different religious beliefs have influenced how people serve and share their resources with others in the society. Christians, Muslims, and other religious groups believe in the need for either coming together to eat and celebrate at varied occasions or sharing with the needy and less fortuned members of the society. Almost all these religion, including atheists, believe that every member of the society should be treated fairly and equally regardless of their race, language or gender.

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