Information Technology Does More Goods Than Harms

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What Is A Secret Cult The question has often been asked by various groups and people: what is a secret cult? A cult can be said to emanate from great and excessive admiration or belief in a person or idea. This could be manifested in rituals, praise songs, chants and worship. It is an unquestionable practice that may be difficult to dislodge even with superior argument. Secret cult could therefore be defined as a set of practices, belief system or idea whose essence is known only to the inner members and excessively admired and defended even to the point of laying down one’s life. It is this doggedness and strong conviction demonstrated by members that reinforce the importance of and awe for the group especially among non-members.…show more content…
Sometimes, they emit these evils unconsciously. This is because cult/gang members are encouraged by their leaders to be wild and inconsiderate in dealing with non-members, members of other cults/gang and even members of same cult/gang groups who disobey in any form. Many secret cult/gang members do not know the fact that cultism is a lethal weapon fashioned against humanity, while some know yet do not want to accept this fundamental truth, rather they go against the truth, to justify their vain desires. Cultism/gangsterism found its way into the Nigerian institutions of learning as far back as early 50’s. There was no time that any cultists’ action that could disrupt the peaceful co-existence in the academic communities was recorded until late 80’s as a result of loss of values in the society. It was in this same 80’s that moral decadence as a result of bad leadership due to incessant military rule that led to fall in moral values in our nation, Nigeria. The civil war, political instabilities, religious brouhaha, violence, high rate of assassination, gross misconducts and disorderliness here and there in our country are as a result of selfish protection of personal interest by our leaders. This has made almost every Nigerian, in his\her own small unit, to have a cause to grief and therefore crave for power to satisfy personal interest. The
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