Informative Essay On Dental Radiographs

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Dental radiographs are necessary for diagnostic purposes. Radiographs enable the dental professional to identify many conditions that may otherwise go undetected and to see many conditions that are not visible clinically (Iannucci & Howerton, 2017). While doing a restorative assessment, the clinician has to rely on dental radiograph to be able to detect caries lesions and check the condition of restorations that cannot be identified by clinical examination alone. For example: when the clinician is assessing a restauration, he uses the explorer to check the margins and uses his visual perception to detect caries. At plain sight he might think that it only need to be replaced; however, after looking at the radiograph he recognizes that there is caries underneath the…show more content…
This is very useful because it will help me learn the different instruments better and help me be prepared when I have to take a competency. At the same time, I learned a lot by listening you teaching Krenar how to document the findings of the EIOE. The part I like the most about being a patient is that you get to learn without being in the spot light. As a hygienist, I have to worry about the patient’s position, the light, my sitting position, the way I hold the instrument, and many other things; but as a patient I just have to relax and learn. It was sad to find out that krenar did not pass his shepherd’s hook competency. I know that this will help him and me to make sure we are using the instrument correctly. I know we are a big group and that you cannot be hovering over us every single minute. It is our responsibility to make sure we process the information correctly. In my case since I am a visual learner, I will have to look at videos to help me process the information from the text book. I liked that we were helping each other out to finish on time and do our duties as clinical
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