Ingsoc's Use Of Propaganda In The Book 1984 By George Orwell

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In the book 1984, which takes place in Oceania, all people are constantly under surveillance by Ingsoc. Ingsoc is Oceania's government. Also the widespread use of propaganda is quite evident in this book. Surveillance and propaganda are used to control, watch, and influence the peoples of Oceania. Ingsoc uses surveillance to watch and listen to every person living in Oceania. One quote makes this very evident and the quote is: "Big Brother is watching you." Big brother is watching you means just what it sounds like. Ingsoc the government knows what each person is up to at all times because they are watching the peoples. In Oceania each house comes with a telescreen that watches and listens to each of the families daily lives. The telescreens sometimes make noises when Ingsoc wants to get in touch with the people. …show more content…

The telescreens were used for both surveillance and propaganda. They used telescreens for propaganda by putting on advertisements and boosting how lucky the people were to have Ingsoc. This quote shows propaganda, 'Behind Winston’s back the voice from the telescreen was still babbling away about pig-iron and the overfulfillment of the Ninth Three-Year Plan.' As seen in this quote the telescreens use propaganda to make people trust and believe in the plans Ingsoc has. Instead of telling people they are watching them so they have full control, Ingsoc says they just want to assure everyone is living in safe

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