Inmate Pay Research Paper

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In your grievance filed at Huachuca Unit, you claim that your pay should be .50 cents per hour instead of the .40 cents you are currently receiving. You further claim that your position as a cook-helper should be listed as a skilled position. Your resolution is to receive an increase in pay and be paid back wages in the amount of $63.20. Your grievance appeal has been reviewed at Central Office and the Deputy Bureau Administrator's response is affirmed. Pursuant to DEPARTMENT ORDER 903 INMATE WORK ACTIVITES Department Order 903.02 1.2 Warden, Deputy Wardens and Administrators shall ensure: 1.2.1 WIPP payrolls do not exceed budgeted levels. Certain assignments(including WBE, Recreation Aide, Library Aide, Education Aide, Chaplain Aide) may be eligible to utilize Inmate Activities and Recreation (A&R) fund if it can be determined the assignments directly benefits the education and welfare of inmates. In the event of budget shortfalls, a reduction in inmate pay shall be imposed in lieu of a reduction in workforce.…show more content…
Your current position as a cook-helper is a semi-skilled position. Therefore, your current rate of .40 cents per hour is in compliance with Department Order 903 Attachment A Pay Scale. Your request for a pay increase and back pay is denied. No further action is warranted in this matter. CC: Deputy Bureau Administrator, Contract Beds
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