Innocence Can Kill : Innonyboy's Innocence Can Kill

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Innocence Can Kill
Does innocents keep us from finding the truth? Do our opinions change as a result of violence in our lives? Although Ponyboys perception of the world was innocent he came of age due to all the dramatic events in his life. It will be shown that innocence can keep one from understanding the truth and the identity of other people.
At the beginning of The Outsiders Ponyboy is walking home and thinking about two things which is Paul Newman and a ride home. He suddenly gets jumped by his arch enemies the Socs. Eventually his fellow Greasers come and chase them away. Although the audience sees the injustice of this event the Greasers do not worry about the Socs and instead worry about their brother. Ponyboy’s brother Soda tells him, “Soda just put his hand on my shoulder and said its ok Ponyboy they ain’t gonna hurt you know more,” ( Hinton 7 ). This statement and action proves that Ponies brothers care for him and will comfort him in his problems. This also shows that Pony is not a very experienced person with combat and doesn’t know how to protect himself. He is innocent and is a young 14 year old that didn’t understand what was happening.
Overtime Ponyboy began to change because he became more courageous. For example the church fire in Windrixville showed a sign of courage when he ran into the burning building to go save innocent little children. While trying to save these children his best pal Johnny was hit by a piece of wood and fell. Johnny was then pulled

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