Inquisitor By Bernard Shaw

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Inquisitor Analysis In the “Inquisitor,” by George Bernard Shaw argues that Joan should be charged with death due to heresy because if the church doesn't, the church will be destroyed because heresy is worse than anything else. Shaw uses ethical appeal, analogy, and emotional appeal to make the audience feel ashamed if they don’t burn her for her crime. First, Shaw argues that heresy is a very serious issue that causes damage. He states, “ If you had seen what I have seen of heresy, you would not think of it a light thing even in its most apparently harmless and even lovable and pious origin.” Shaw uses emotional appeal in referring to how we must see heresy in the same light as him. He feels as if it is one of the worst crimes one could commit due to the damage it causes in society and the church. Hersey brings out the wickedness out of people and goes against how one must live. The inquisitor strongly suggests that we should live the way church …show more content…

The inquisitor states, “For two hundred years the Holy Office has striven with these diabolical madnesses; and it knows that they begin as always vain and ignorant persons setting up their own judgment against the Church, and taking it upon themselves to be the interpreters of God’s will.” Shaw uses ethical appeal in referring to helping the church to fight against heresy for God. The ethical appeal highlights the credibility of the writer and emphasizes that we must help the church in order to obey the divine power. It convinces the audience to see it as their duty to not let Joan go against the church and against God. This convinces people that they are doing something good and to realize how much of a negative impact heresy has. The ethical appeal influences the audience to complete their duty as a pious person to vote for burning Joan so the church doesn’t have to fight against heresy any

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