Insanity : The Superficial Level Essay

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On the superficial level, a pessimist is someone who despises life. When you delve deeper into the unconscious into their brains you will discover the plague inflicted within the mind: insanity. The main character’s insane behavior is demonstrated by his pessimistic feelings of life. While lying on bed in his dream, suicidal thoughts pervaded his mind.

“The presence of death annihilates all superstitions. We are the children of death and it is death that rescues us from the deceptions of life. In the midst of life he calls us and summons us to him. At an age when we have not yet learnt the language of men if at times we pause in our play it is that we may listen to the voice of death .... Throughout our life death is beckoning to us. Has it not happened to everyone suddenly, without reason, to be plunged into thought and to remain immersed so deeply in it as to lose consciousness of time and place and the working of his own mind?” (Hedayat, 100-101).

The narrator is clearly insanely pessimistic about life; death is personified so that “it rescues us from the deceptions of life”. He goes on to exaggerate that “we are the children of death”. This ironically, is correct in a literal sense: every existing being will eventually die, and we have inherited death from our parents. The narrator even conjectured that we “listen to the voice of death” even before we understand formal language. Sound here, evokes the sense of audibility. “Throughout our life death” attempts to
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