Installing Windows Server Networking Essays

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Installing Windows Server Networking

In Windows Server 2008 R2, there are various responsibilities that have to be taken care of. These roles arevital in ensuring the success of how a server performs in its essential functions. The roles are a primary duty in which the server will executesand the secondary responsibilities are called role services. These roles within Windows Server 2008 can include: Active Directory, Hyper-V, Web Server (IIS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name System/ Server (DNS) and File Services.
Generally speaking roles are relianton the requirements of the company or person needing them. It’s important to note that individual servers can be configured a variety of ways, from being a
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* DHCP Server: DHCP give the server the ability to assign IP addresses, lease them to specific devices and other computers on the network as long as DHCP is enabled. * DNS Server: DNS is any computer registered to connect the DNS. A DNS server runs networking software and contains a database of network names addresses for other Internet hosts. * Hyper-V: “Hyper-V Server is a dedicated stand-alone product that contains the hypervisor, Windows Server driver model, virtualization capabilities, and supporting components such as failover clustering, but does not contain the robust set of features and roles as the Windows Server operating system.” (“MS Hyper-V”, 2013) * Terminal Services: Terminal Services allows users to access various Windows programs which are installed on a terminal server. However, users have the ability to connect to the Terminal Server through Remote Desktop; * Windows Deployment Services(WDS): WDS allows the user to generate an image of the operating system (OS) they wish to deploy on a mass scale. It can be configured to remotely push out the different versions of Windows to computers on the network using a Pre-Boot Execution Environment. In doing so, more important tasks can be
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