Insurance Is A Policy, Your Parents, And Insurance

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We have all heard of insurance at least once in our lifetime. From the advertisements, the marketing companies, your parents, etc. Insurance is a policy, where for the premium paid, the insurance company agrees to protect you within stated amounts, from the potential losses listed in the policy. In other words, the insurance company is agreeing to protect you from certain events that can happen, listed in the policy. Did you know there are tons of different types of insurance out there? There’s insurance for everything! Well… not everything, but most. There is Flood, Crime, Travel, even Dog Bite Insurance.

Although there are many types of insurance, there are some that are a necessity for almost everyone. You have Homeowners Insurance or …show more content…

It protects your home and everything in it from a fire, theft, or any other type of catastrophe that could arise.

Have you ever had any problems with your car, or got in an accident? Well, that’s where Auto Insurance comes in. Auto Insurance covers the damage as a result of injury, death, vehicle, and property. This type of insurance isn’t required, but is highly suggested if you have a car. It would be terrible to find that your car was stolen in the middle of the night, and you don’t have car insurance to help you pay for the repercussion.

Health Insurance is a necessity for anyone living in America. It protects you from paying the entire costs of medical services. Depending on your plan’s benefits, you may even be able to visit the doctor, without paying a co-pay. It all boils down to what kind of plan you have. There are four basic types of health insurance. Fee-For-Service Plans, High Deductible Health Plans, HMOs, and PPOs. Each plan has their own advantages and disadvantages. And last but not least, Life Insurance. Life Insurance provides you and your family with financial coverage upon death. When you die, Life Insurance will give money to your family to help pay for the funeral service, and burial arrangements. Although it is a sensitive subject for many, everyone needs it.

To generalize the subject at matter…

Although all of these insurances are greatly advised, there are

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