Integrated Healthcare System

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Over the years more healthcare organizations, like DaVita, Inc. and MedStar Health have increasingly expanded to become integrated healthcare systems through mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures with efficiency and good performance by achieving a strategy of focusing on being more accessible with population health and providing high quality care at an affordable reduced, cost with a goal of keeping patients healthy with good medical outcomes.
As a result, DaVita, Inc., which is headquartered in Denver, Colorado has managed to become the leading global horizontally integrated kidney care providers (DaVita, Inc., 2004-2017). Located in 50 states and the District of Columbia in the United States, as well as 139 geographic locations throughout …show more content…

MedStar Health vertically integrated healthcare system consists of 10 hospitals, 4 multi-specialties and, 11 urgent care centers (MedStar Health, 2017). They provide an array of comprehensive medical services that ranges from cancer care, cardiovascular treatment, stroke care, behavior health, rehabilitation, as well as, women’s and child care. As the largest vertically integrated healthcare system in the region of Maryland and Washington, DC, MedStar Health provides medical services to over one half-a-million patients a year (MedStar Health, 2017). Different from a horizontally integrated healthcare system like DaVita, Inc., MedStar Health through acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures, as a vertically integrated healthcare system, utilized the diversification strategy to linked their services through different stages of healthcare with its production process by increasing the continuity of care and forming a network of healthcare services with other organizations and facilities (Shi & Singh, …show more content…

(Hagerman, Summer 2012). To achieve integration, MedStar Health adopted a brand strategy that capitalized on the different types of healthcare facilities it had and their talents of what they had to offer the community (Hagerman, Summer 2012). Also, MedStar Health strategy focused on how to better compete with competitors in the healthcare market by making healthcare cost more affordable in order to stay operationally efficient and clinically strong while providing more access and quality of care that delivers better medical outcomes and patient experience (Hagerman, Summer

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