Intelligence And How Can We Tell A Person Is Intelligent?

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Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition
Lexie Johnson
Salem College
Mary Jacobsen Psyc220
April 30, 2015 Stanford-Binet fifth edition (SB5)
Lexie Johnson
What is intelligence and how can we tell a person is intelligent? It a questions that’s asked everyday by many by so few actually know the correct answer on intelligence. In order to understand intelligence we would have to look at how it is operationally defined. The term for intelligence is broad spectrum but it can be narrowed down to better understand. For simple and broad term, intelligence can be defined as many factors that play in into a person’s life throughout their life span. Some of these factors include to reason logically, pay attention, be intuitive and even deal and adjust to adverse situations (Cohen, Sweedlik & Sturman, 2013). Most of us probably believe that intelligence is how smart a person is but as you can see above, there is more to intelligence than just “smartness”. Now you may wonder how we can test for intelligence and can we determine if that test is valid.
Of course there are multiple test that can measure intelligence but Albert Binet established the oldest and first way to test for Intelligence. Theodore Simon and Albert Binet both worked together to come up with the first version American version of the Stanford Binet in 1916. This was the beginning of history as far as intelligence testing and made a lead way for all other publishers to come out with…
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