Interest Groups Case Study

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Lobbyists are salespeople hired to persuade decision-makers in the Legislature and in the agencies of the executive branch. They are not really interested in feeding and watering the officials, but in having enough time together to make an impact in the case for whatever notion they’re trying to change. Interest groups employ lobbyists to protect and advance their interests. Lobbyists do this through lobbying: informing, persuading, and pressuring policymakers to support the group’s objectives. Though some interest groups may not be that influential, and some maybe really influential, there should be tougher restrictions and stricter oversight on both types of the interest groups in the best interest of the society. Though these groups sometimes represent a large group in the society who may not …show more content…

Any restriction that is applied to any of the interest group, should be applied to all other interest groups. The interest groups shouldn’t be treated differently due to their differences, whether it’s the amount of money they have or how influential they can be all of them has to be handled the same way as that is what democracy is. “We the people” being given the same opportunity is what matters most, how we use it depends on us, hence the government shouldn’t place more rigid limitations and more oversight on the interest groups, who have access to greater funds than the others.
Overall, the collective influence of interest groups does override individual citizen's ability to influence politics. This is because as a group who works together, they are more strong and are capable of doing more to influence anything than an individual who stands by himself. The interest group also represents a group of people who supports them in situations like voting hence they have the majority behind them unlike an individual by

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