Internationalization of Deutsche Bank Essay

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Introduction 1
1. The Beginning of Deutsche Bank 1
2. Reconstruction Due to First And Second World War 4
3. Internationalization 4
4. Becoming a Global Player 5
5. Conclusion .6


Deutsche Bank, an international universal bank, was internationally active a short time after its foundation. The bank’s early decades were a period of rapid expansion. With its growth Deutsche Bank seemed to be unstoppable. But with the beginning of the First and Second World War the vision to offer a financial services throughout the world was destroyed. Fortunately, the year of 1957 has the status of a second birthday of Deutsche Bank. From this day on, after its reconstruction, the bank becomes active in retail
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This was followed by further participations for example Hannoverschen Bank or the shareholding of Essener Credit-Anstalt in 1903. The large numbers of participations helped to strenghten Deutsche Bank’s position by taking influence of the regional banks.

In 1914 Deutsche Bank rethought their strategy once again. As the banks biggest competitors, Dresdner Bank and Diskonto-Gesellschaft had, at that time, a great network of branches in Germany they wanted to establish their presence with their own name.
Following the merger of Deutsche Bank and Bergisch-Märkischen Bank in 1914 and Norddeutschen Creditanstalt and Bergisch-Märkischen Bank in 1917 Deutsche Bank became the biggest universal bank in the world with roughly 40 branch offices. Over the next years many mergers, participations and stock swaps followed. In 1929 The biggest ever merger in German banking history creates the “Deutsche Bank und Disconto-Gesellschaft”. The concentration throughout the industry and the increasing costs were the main reasons for this merger. Due to this strategy Deutsche Bank was able to establish a branch network all over Germany. This merger increased the number of branches to roughly 300 branch offices.[3]

2. Reconstruction Due to First And Second World War

Unfortunately, the First and Second World Wars destroyed Deutsch Bank's branch network and business activities.The WWI
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