Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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1. Adventure
As quoted in Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild, “The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure.” Adventure is what takes you outside of your comfort zone. It’s what sets us apart from every other species. Unlike any other animal, we can enjoy partaking in adrenaline-inducing activities that no other animal has the consciousness for. Adventure is exhilarating and spirit-magnifying. It’s is the essence of what it means to feel alive. Adventure to me is about finding excitement and giving our lives flavor. Without adventure, I think my life would be rather mundane. There is little thrill in safety and conformity. I think it’s extremely healthy and even necessary for the human spirit to not always feel assured …show more content…

I believe this is the most important part of having a healthy relationship. The three fundamental types of relationships for me include my relationship with myself, all other living beings, and the natural world around me. Being caring towards ourselves is the foundation of being able to be compassionate towards everything external. It’s through ourselves that we interact with the rest of the world so how could be expect those relationships to be sound if we can’t show that kindness to ourselves first? In one of my yoga classes last week my teacher Carter spoke to us about “radical self-care”. It’s all too easy to get swept up in meeting the needs of others while ignoring what we need to do to take care of ourselves. We are just as worthy of our own loving kindness as anyone else. It’s important to build a compassionate relationship with ourselves because it’s that energy that radiates outwards into everything we think, say, and do. It’s this capacity to be loving towards ourselves that we take with us into all of our interactions with others. I remember our first assignment in this class was to articulate our most fundamental belief. Mine was that “all living beings are deserving of compassion” which I still hold to be true. Every single person in the world wants love and compassion. Though it’s not always easy to treat everyone this way, it’s entirely necessary. It’s the ability to show this kindness towards everyone we encounter, …show more content…

There is so much incredible joy in learning. To stop learning is to settle, something I hope to never do. I know there will always be more beauty to uncover, more experiences to have, and more souls to connect with. To stop discovering is to think I have sucked this life dry of all possible joy. The day I believe I have learned enough about myself or the world around me is the day I have failed myself. There is so much magic and mystery in this incomprehensibly vast universe; I’m going to seek all that I can until my very last day in this body. There is so much mystery inside of myself that I will never be able to know all of it, let alone the world around me. To me, discovery boils down to two crucial elements. The first: wonderment. I believe this is the most critical trait a person can lose. Without wonder, life would be very dull. There aren’t words to adequately express just how magnificent life is. There is beauty in everything, no matter how large or small. The crinkles in the smile of someone you love. The details in the curve of the bark on a branch. Golden sunlight, just before sunset. The stillness of morning. Eyes with love in them. The intricate veins of a leaf. Though society tries to squeeze this sense of awe out of us early on, I think it’s so important to never stop looking at anything or anyone with fresh eyes and a curious mind. When we lose this sense of wonderment, this is when joy begins to slip from our

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