Into the Darkness

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Into the Darkness In the cold, dark fog of what used to be Venice, Italy stood a city of only the darkest and coldest of heart. Nobody in the poor, dreary town cared for the rest of other poor, sick people that were dying due to plagues spread by the excess of nuclear waste dropped in the crossfire. Ever since world war 3 the whole face of the Earth was wiped of most of civilization and all of the decency in people’s hearts. At this point people thought only of this situation as a free-for-all and nothing else. However, a select few, wiped of good nature, still remained as the cunning, scheming people they used to be. These people were later labeled as “The Dark Few” who only existed in secret societies that would later thrive in the poor, dark apocalyptic canals of New Venice. Most of the “Dark Few” offered the little shelter and supplies they had to desperate Men and Women who offered to for them. Soon, these “Dark Few” had their own army and they weren’t going to stop until every swampy river in New Venice was under their control. Out of this, 3 power hungry clans emerged, Glacier Clan, Flare Clan, and Tempest Clan. Due to the mass nuclear waste that has been produced global warming has become so bipolar that you could be freezing in ice, and then the next minute you are burning to death. Each of the clans is based on a different part of New Venice. The middle of New Venice, Tempest clan, is right in the middle of the post apocalyptic New Venice. Harsh,

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