What Is Intrinsic Value Of The Non Human Natural World

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Intrinsic Value in the Non-Human Natural World

When it comes to the question of non-human rights and the value of nature, there are adamant advocates, those who completely disagree with particular values and rights for the ecosystem, and those could care less. For myself, I believe I have fallen somewhat in between these extremes and have honestly never really considered the idea of intrinsic value and certain rights for the non-human natural world. Singer, Baxter, Steinbock and Callicott (with the words and ideas of Leopold) each have very different ideas about animal rights and the concept of the non-human natural world having a value by itself, regardless of human interests. I will briefly go …show more content…

His main belief centers around the fact that because animals and plant life have no ability to reason, they have no moral standing. Baxter believes that animal interests don't and should not count and that the natural world has no intrinsic value beyond human interests.

In response to Baxter's idea, I would first ask him exactly who the people are he's talking to in his defense of this being the way people really think. I think it's a bit of a rash assumption to say that because he thinks this way, many others must agree (as I sincerely doubt he has done any research on the subject). Although I do agree with Baxter that it is in human's interests to preserve the environment, but this is because there are many essential functions that humans cannot perform themselves. For instance, the example of bees pollinating flowers, is it a viable probability that humans would be able to find a way to perform this function? Also, the internalization of carbon dioxide and the regeneration of oxygen that trees perform, is it possible for humans to perform such a function? In Baxter's essay, he says that it would be difficult if not impossible to designate representatives to focus on non-human interests, however, I think it would rather simple. There are people who make it their life's work

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