Introduction:. Heros. What Are Heros? Maybe… Superman Or

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Heros. What are heros? Maybe… Superman or Batman. However, in real life, our heroes might be Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, or Nelson Mandela. All of them helped us through the good and bad, but today we’ll be talking about a hero who helped the Indians. He might not be worldwide, but his name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi known as Mahatma Gandhi.

Background: Interested in what was Mahatma Gandhi 's background? I’m glad to tell you your answer. Mahatma was born on October 2, 1869. What city and state? It was Porbandar, Kathiawar, a city in India. A woman named Putlibai which was his mother and his father was named Karamchand Gandhi. Let me tell you what their occupations were. Putlibai was very religious,
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Since he left, he had been struggling to find another job, but at April 1893, he sailed to Durban after another son had been born. South America. That’s where he went, once he got there, he didn’t like the discrimination, the law and the segregation that had been happening since a long time ago. Somehow, what he wore was unacceptable, so he had to go to the courtroom. They asked him if he could take of his turban, but he refused and left the court. So, the Advertiser mocked him and called him “ the unwelcome visitor “. June 7, 1893, at a train trip, it was a original moment for him. He had a ticket for first-class but they refused and forced him to go to the back of the train. It was because a white man was objecting to let him sit next to him. Determination hit him and he fought back with a vow. “ Deep disease of color prejudice. Try if possible, to root out the disease and suffer hardships in the process “ Gandhi vowed. After that, he formed the Natal Indian Congress in 1894 to fight against discrimination. He returned to India, his wife would give birth to two more children! However, he continued to study religious during all his years in South Africa, “ The religious spirit within me became a living force, “ was what he wrote. 1901, he made a capain called “ Satyagraha “ meaning truth and firmness. Whoever joined kept on protesting, but led to jail. All of the hundereds of Indians were arrested for their protesting.
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