Introduction Of A Warm Cherry Pie

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Introduction A warm cherry pie, a handpicked red apple, a fresh cucumber, a big slice of juicy watermelon, a bowl of salty cashews, or a cup of coffee in the early morning are just a few of things Americans love and they have our six – legged friends the honeybees to thank for it. If honeybees continue to perish we can say goodbye to these things and several more (Sarich, 2013). Honeybees are vital for many crops across the world. Bees assist in pollinating crops that are worth $200+ billion every year. As honeybees continue to perish as alarming rates many believe we do not have the means to meet the pollination demands of the current U.S. crops (Walsh, 2015). We are not only faced with the problem of honeybees dying, but also the agriculture economy that relies on pollinating. Background Honeybees are a staple for agriculture, crops such as fruits and vegetables depend upon honeybees to pollinate each plant. How do honeybees work? Honeybees live in colonies; colonies need a queen, 20,000-80,000 female worker bees, and hundreds of male drones. They depend upon diversity with the population for survival so that all tasks can be performed. Although the queen bee is generally viewed as the most important, they cannot continue to build new colonies without the food, wax, and fertilization needed to build the hive supplied by the workers and drones. Queens are able to produce 2,000 eggs a day and can store the sperm in their bodies. They begin mating early in life

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