Introduction Of Polonius In Hamlet

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The introduction of Polonius in Hamlet is one of an elderly chief counselor to the king of Denmark, but as his character develops, we see him evolve into a manipulator who worries about his self-image and how his family might jeopardize that; one would say Polonius fears being a simple man and will sacrifice anything for status. As more events develop throughout the play Polonius turns into this ruthless politician that won’t stop at anything in order to manipulate and keep his status in the kingdom; Polonius as the brilliant mastermind that he is, is always on the prowl for any information he can get his hands on; he sleeps with one eye open and an ear on the ground. Polonius uses all this information at the right moments to create his narrative.
Polonius is cleric who worries about his son Laertes’s possible behavior, and how his son’s behavior might reflect bad on him. In previous acts Polonius gives Laertes sound advice so he doesn’t go embarrassed himself when he gets to France. Polonius worries about his son’s behavior and is intrigued to find out what he is up to. He calls to his servant Reynaldo and sets him with a task; to inquire on his son’s behavior before meeting him. In act II is clear that Polonius worries about one thing only, and that’s the reputation his son might be getting in France: “inquire me first what Danskers are in Paris, /and how, what means, and where they /keep, / what company, at what expense; and finding /by this encompassment and drift of

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