Investigatory Project in Physics

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Cooking Oil – Made
(Focusing on Thermal Physics and Energy)
An Investigatory Project in Physics By:
Today, candles are made not only for lighting purposes but for many other uses such as home décor, novelty collections, as fixtures for big occasions (weddings, baptismal , etc.), and as scented varieties for aromatherapy. Candles are made from different types of waxes and oils. Cooking oil is a major kitchen item in Filipino households. It is also used substantially in fast-food outlets, where it is used in different stages of food preparations. Ordinarily, used cooking oil is discarded. This waste oil pollutes and clogs canals and sewerage systems. The sound of cooking oil as the prime material for making candles may
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Because of its low melting and re-solidifying points as observed by DSC (~20°C melting onset,39.0°C melting peak, and 22.0°C re-solidification peak), soft soy wax melted extensively, causing the wick to be drowned during the burning of container-type candles. For taper- and narrower pillar type candles, the liquid wax dripping from the candle did not solidify fast enough to prevent the liquid wax from running on to the bench. These problems stimulated us to evaluate fully hydrogenated soybean oil (referred to as hard soy wax, ~0 IV) for candle application. These candles were hard and shiny with no surface greasiness a tall. Furthermore, the melting and re-solidification properties were improved.DSC analysis of hard soy wax indicated two melting peaks at 52.8 and 63.0°C, and a solidification peak at 46.5°C. Compared to a commercial paraffin candle (with minor and major melting peaks at 40.6 and 59.0°C, respectively, and a re-solidification peak at 49.7°C), the melting and re- solidification properties of hard soy wax were highly acceptable. However, the candles had an unacceptably brittle texture and they did not fully melt across the candle surface; therefore, they were not fully consumed during combustion (even with taper candles).To improve

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