Irony in Good Country People

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Irony in “Good Country People”

Flannery O’Connor uses characterization, and the themes of good versus evil and the

psychological and physical problems of the characters, to create irony in the story. The

characterization of both Mrs. Hopewell and Joy/Hulga creates irony, which begins with

their names. Then the theme of good versus evil, demonstrated by the belief that

country people are “good”, also creates irony.

The story is about a farm owner, Mrs. Hopewell, her only daughter Joy/Hulga, and a

Bible salesman named Manley Pointer. Joy/Hulga lost her leg at the age of ten due to a

hunting accident and although she gets a very high education, she lives a miserable life

at home with no one to talk to …show more content…

I’m one of the those

people who see through to nothing”. She says this just before Pointer convinces her to

remove her wooden leg and give it to him. He then steals her artificial leg. She then

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