Irrational Scenarios-Personal Narrative

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There’s a little crunch as I step on the colorful dead leaves. It’s quiet and alone in the little park. I decided to take a stroll earlier. The smell of fresh rain clears my head of all its problems. The sun begins to peek through the gray clouds.

I stop in my tracks and look up. It’s starting to get foggy. I turn back only to find the thick fog surrounding me. I can only see a few feet ahead of me. Worry and anxiety fills me with dread. Thoughts of irrational scenarios occupy my brain.

I suddenly feel scared. It’’s quiet and alone in the little park. Solitude is no longer comforting. I start to run but I don’t know why. My conscious feels trapped here and I want to escape.

The fog does not get any thinner and I still can’t see. Why is it …show more content…

I’m fine.

I break out in a light jog. Everything seems like a blur. I’m still unsure of where I am but I keep going. Concealing my panic, I distract myself by trying to find a way out. I assess the situation.
I’m lost, I’m on the verge of breaking down, and I can’t seem to locate an exit.

I begin to retrace my steps. Looking around, I realize I couldn’t see in which direction I came from exactly. The sky is beginning to darken. My breathing becomes shallow once more. No, not now. I can’t afford losing time by getting worked up. Perhaps there is another person here.

“Help!” I cry. Silence meets me in response. I run my hand through my hair. It’s quiet and alone in the little park. I continue to wander aimlessly, unaware that I am crying. Up ahead I see light from streetlamp.

I start sprinting towards it, laughter escaping my lips. I cannot describe the immeasurable amount of relief I felt. I end up on the sidewalk of my city. People are casually walking past and the lights from nearby shops make it easier to see.

I quickly wipe away my tears. The smell of food hits my nostrils. I didn’t realize how hungry I was. I look around and start to walk towards a restaurant. I’m not so scared

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