Is Abortion Considered A Crime?

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The Last Word Belongs to Her.
Over the centuries, the world discusses ethnics, religions, and moral question involving abortion, but what is that question against a woman 's personal decision that can change her entire life or maybe save her own life. Abortion is a sensitive issue in all over the world. In one hand, different cultures and countries have laws that made abortion legal, and it’s done safely. In the other hard, there are countless country that seen abortion in an illegal way, and in that case abortion is considered a crime. It’s considered that killing a fetus is killing a real person. Moreover, sometimes women just have right for abortion when raped; However, there is nothing and nobody that can legislate what a woman should do with her own body. For instance, despite of counter arguments against abortion it should be supported because unsafe abortion made most by countries that consider abortion as a crime can easily kill or let sequel in the woman’s body for her entire life, can totally destruct an entirely teenager life, even when contraceptive methods are used. Also, if a pregnancy adversely affects a woman or the baby life.
As many people believe unsafe abortion may be a solution for many women that have an unwanted pregnancy in countries that abortion is take into account as a crime. It can be true without any information of this particular subject, but the information of today shows that with the right care induced abortion is extremely safe (World…
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