Is American Education Upholding Its Standards?

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Is American Education Upholding Its Standards? The idea of education is that it properly educates students. American schools teach a variety of subjects over 12 years of schooling. The skills taught are supposed to prepare students for adult life. These skills range from basic math and english to more complex knowledge for those going to college. Students are supposed to graduate with some common knowledge. Most of the more advance learning comes from high schools. This is where they learn how to live in the real world. However, many students are not prepared for the real world. The American education system does not complete the purpose of educating students properly.
There are the students who decide not to go to college and start a career instead. They enter true adult life right out of high school. Life for those students is not getting any better. From 1987 to 2007, average lifetime income for a high school graduate dropped by 20 percent while the average lifetime income for college graduates has raised by one percent (Davies). The value of a high school diploma is dropping. The knowledge gained in high school is not enough for a good paying job. For those looking to go on to a higher education are also unprepared. They are paying large amounts of money for college to learn what they should already know. This problem with young adults can be traced back to school before high school.
High school graduates are unprepared from high school and there is a good chance that

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