Is Beowulf A Hero Essay

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Are You Somebody’s Hero? We have all had someone whom we have considered our hero. We call them our hero because they have exhibited certain characteristics that make us feel safe or protected in harmful situations. A few books demonstrate heroic characteristics masterfully through their characters. Beowulf portrays a strong, self-sacrificing hero. Canterbury Tales shows us a wise and caring hero. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight displays a flawed, loyal hero. These three men give us some of the attributes it takes to be considered a hero. These books tell us that to be a hero, you have to sacrifice, have wisdom, and loyalty.
Beowulf sacrifices his life numerous times, unafraid and prepared. In the beginning, our warrior faces a beast named Grendel, who inhabited a neighboring kingdom. During his face-off with the monster, Beowulf makes the decision to fight without weapons. Although this decision seems ignorant, the hero found it honorable, due to the fact that Grendel didn’t wield any weapons. Beowulf ended up taking the beast's arm and making him flee as he bled out to his inevitable death. Sometime later, the kingdom’s king, Hygelac, died. Beowulf, the nephew of Hygelac, took the throne. A true sacrifice as he gave up his normal life and took on an entire kingdom into his hands. The people welcomed him and he ruled well for 50 years. Nearing the end of those years, someone agitates a dragon, causing massive chaos. Beowulf decides to investigate, bringing men with him.

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