Is Fear Driving Your Attitude And Actions. Whether It Be

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Is Fear Driving Your Attitude and Actions
Whether it be fear of ambition, humans have some factor that is causing them to be determined to complete or start a task. It could be fear of what others may think about them or fear of the consequences that may come from their initial decision. Humans can also be ambitious in their actions and pursue a goal they have set for themselves or to benefit another person or for an ultimate change in society. Although ambition can drive humans to do things that may have thought they could not have, fear has a much greater impact in one’s actions and attitudes. In Macbeth and To Kill a Mockingbird it is evident that people are driven by various factors, such as fear. This is seen when thinking about …show more content…

This is an example of a group of people that segregate out of fear of something new. The social status standings start with the wealthy white people, then the middle class such as the Finch family. Then is the poor white people such as the Cunninghams, then lower than that is the Ewell family. Then the coloured people after all the white people. “They c’n go loose and rape up the countryside for all of ‘em who run this country care,” (Lee 136) After the accusations of Tom Robinson by Bob Ewell have been heard, about Tom raping and assaulting Bob Ewell’s oldest daughter Mayella Ewell; the people of Maycomb feared that all black men were going to rape all of the women of Maycomb. The white people of Maycomb segregated against the coloured people having the racist attitude that all people who were coloured must be criminals. This caused a great amount of racism and segregation towards all coloured people living in Maycomb. As seen by examining the attitudes of the white citizens of Maycomb, fear can cause people to have negative attitudes towards others; Similarly in Macbeth people 's attitudes were impacted by fear to create and harness attitudes towards others. In the playwright Macbeth by Shakespeare, Macbeth gains the kingship by murdering the former king Duncan. The majority of the story Macbeth has an attitude of thinking

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