Is Football Dangerous?

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Is Football Dangerous?

Let’s be honest, Most sports or all sports are dangerous, there is no doubt about it, But we’ve got to be honest Football is probably one of the or Is the most dangerous sport in the world. And Yes, I know there can other people saying, No! The hardest and toughest sport is hockey or golf. It’s a matter of opinion, but there is no doubt in my mind, that you can’t tell me and say, Football isn’t a dangerous sport? You're Just being a wimp or whatever. Being 100% Truthful football has killed athletes or just permanently damaged their bodies or just messed them up mentally. Do I hate football? No, I think the sport can be so entertaining to watch and you get so into you don’t really think about the players, you forget that they can hurt. And if you're a hardcore sports fan, your reaction will probably be like, “Get up, He didn’t hurt you too bad, Just walk it off.” And sometimes those people aren’t wrong, sometimes in other sports they get tapped on the shoulder and then they fall on the ground crying like they can’t even go with the game but next 3 minutes, they are perfectly fine, without any care, they just get up like nothing even happened. Maybe they are forced to do that, but that’s for another conversation.

Should football be illegal? If it’s causing this much trouble to people why is this legal? Like this sport can make their athletes losing their memory by getting hit again and again. This sport surely cannot be legal right? Well not exactly,

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