Is Fracking Safer : Wastewater Injections Cause Human Made Earthquakes, But The Risk Can Be Reduced

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The Arizona State University effectively relays the information from a research done to evaluate the use of fracking techniques in relation to the Texas earthquakes experienced in May of 2012. The research done by Shirzaei, Ellworth, Tiampo, Gonzalez, and Manga was done using InSAR a satellite-based radar, to learn the relation between the uplifting of the earth’s surface from the injection of fracking fluids to the seismic hazards it may cause.
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Marc Lallanilla, the assistant editor for Live Science, who is a Master 's degree candidate from the Graduate journalism program in Science, Health and Environmental Reporting, at New York University that has also obtained a Master 's degree in Environmental Planning from University of California at Berkeley and a Bachelor 's degree in Environmental Geography, Communications from University of Texas at Austin, writes this article to help clarify some of the facts related to the fracking industry. He describes how the well is drilled and injected with fracking fluid under extreme pressure fracturing the surrounding rock containing the oil or gas. This in turn releases the
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