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Samantha Hammack Dr. Turner English 111-011 24 October 2012 Rhetorical Analysis of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas G. Carr has written an abundance of articles about technology. Some of his work includes: Does It Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage, and The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google. One of Carr’s achievements, “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” smoothly persuades the reader to believe that the Internet is taking over the human mind. The article’s title brings a tough question to mind for readers. By using a familiar movie scene and arguments embedded with relatable analogies, imagery and metaphors; Carr casually and acceptably leads his audience to a reasonable…show more content…
Carr makes use of this indication to show that although people have the opportunity to read through long texts to research properly, they are more likely to skim through texts, which may be obvious of a short attention span. In Carr’s description of the Internet, he explains why it is affecting humans. He leaves the technology as a virus that absorbs our commands, injects information into us, and then scatters and spreads our concentration. However, before labeling the Internet as a human made pest that has gone wild, Carr makes one last appeal to ethos by stating possible benefits of this rapidly capable means of statement as well as his own faults of being a worrywart. Carr also uses personification frequently when talking about the Internet. He simply calls it “the Net” and describes the things it can do, like “reprogramming us” and influencing our minds. This makes the Internet seem like a bigger threat to his readers. Carr uses imagery and metaphors at the end of the second paragraph on page 962 by comparing our mind to either a scuba diver or a jet skier. This makes his argument more applicable and easier to understand for his readers. He frequently quotes professional writers or professors and prominent universities to show that he really know what he’s talking about. Carr also uses a quote from Maryanne Wolf to show that the way people now read and think have changed. Wolf states that the importance placed on productivity may be weakening the greater value

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