Is It ever Wrong to do the Right Thing?

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The thirteen year old boy, holding his 6 year old sister layered in a blanket, is wondering what he did to drive his parents off. As he looks at his sisters rosy cheeks and long beautiful lashes, he is forced to think of how he will get food for them to survive. There is a café just a mile away that seems to be his prime source of food. Every night, after he lays his sister in blankets they have scavenged over the weeks, he kisses his sisters good night then disappears in the dark. He creeps through the back alleys knowing when each house falls asleep. By the time he gets to the back of the café he has his next meal in mind. He observed once that the back door, at just the right angle while lifting the door just a half an inch then tugging a little, will open keyless. Although he had the whole kitchen to pick food from, he just picked what was needed for the next day. He would arrive back to his sister, an hour more of sleep, knowing that they will be okay for tomorrow. A couple days later, a report came out that the police, assisted with a woman who saw the boy creeping in the back alleys, found two parentless children and will be put into foster homes separated. The café manager read this and his heart sunk. He knew that the boy came every night and took food, but he was generous about it so he payed no attention to it; he never would have thought he was providing for a sister as well. This came to mind when I read the question, "Is it ever wrong to do the right
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