Is Lennie Responsible for His Actions in of Mice and Men Essay

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Throughout the novel, Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck presents Lennie to be responsible and also irresponsible for his actions. Sometimes throughout the novel, Steinbeck presents Lennie to be irresponsible for his actions because life at the time was very difficult. People were losing their jobs, many farmers lost their farms, and were forced into the life of itinerant workers. The lifestyle Lennie had could be responsible for his actions, because he didn’t really have support. However on the other hand you could also argue that all the other men lived the same lifestyle as him and they took responsibility for their actions, you could also argue that Lennie had more support than any other ranch worker, because he had George taking care of …show more content…
“We need the stake,” this shows George sticking up for Lennie as he knows is they don’t have money, they cannot buy their house. George knows that it is false hope but it is keeping Lennie sane from doing anything stupid, Steinbeck has shown foreshadowing through George’s worry. Steinbeck presents Lennie to be responsible and irresponsible when he is not with George. Steinbeck shows how he is responsible when he sticks up for George, “He ain’t never been hurt, ‘cause he’s careful.” This quote also suggests Lennie realising himself how is irresponsible for his actions and how he needs George to guide him. This is because Lennie gets quite anxious and angry at the thought of not having George, “He stood up and walked dangerously towards Crooks.” Steinbeck presents Lennie to be irresponsible for his actions when he lets their secret of their dream, slip, “George says we gonna have alfalfa for the rabbits.” This shows

that he is careless for his actions and doesn’t think before he acts. Steinbeck portrays Lennie to be very careless and irresponsible through the death of the mouse, the puppy and Curley’s wife. The death of the mouse foreshadows the death of the puppy and the death of Curley’s wife. Through the death of the mouse we see how Lennie is irresponsible for his actions. “They was so little,” he said apologetically. This shows that Lennie is taking
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